Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implant Treatment

An ideal candidate for dental implant treatment is an individual in good general and oral health. It is best that there exist adequate jaw bone to support a dental implant and that candidates have healthy gums, free of gum- periodontal disease. Fortunately however, even in cases of limited jaw bone support, through bone regenerative technology, it is possible to create the foundation necessary to predictably support dental implants.

The first step involves a comprehensive evaluation to determine both the health status of your remaining teeth and the degree of remaining bone and gum support in the area where the tooth was or will soon be lost. Since dental implants are fused to bone and connected through the gum tissue, periodontists are the specialty of dentistry most focused on those features critical to achieving lasting dental implant success. Dr. Novack has advanced training in oral implantology and has lectured both nationally and internationally on dental implant treatment. Equally important is Dr. Novack’s collaborative approach dedicated to meeting your unique care needs. Perhaps there is no aspect of dentistry that requires the degree of coordination between the surgeon-periodontist and the restorative dentist as dental implants.  What differentiates Dr. Novack’s practice from other offices is his commitment to communicate in a collaborative manner with the entire dental team while placing each patient’s unique care needs and treatment objectives front and centre.   


Dr. Novack received extensive training in dental implantology and has been successfully placing implants since 1986. A commitment to continuing education has kept Dr. Novack abreast of the most current surgical and technological advances. Should you feel as many of our patients do that implant dentistry represents the right choice, the first step involves a comprehensive periodontal and radiographic examination. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Novack will become acquainted with not merely your mouth, but you as an individual. Thorough this holistic approach, Dr. Novack will then be able to best address your specific oral health care needs. Your questions and concerns are important to us. Our team works collaboratively to assist in any manner possible to make your treatment a success.

Our policy is to openly discuss fees, your anticipated insurance coverage along with financial arrangement options that we are glad to extend in an effort to make your care as affordable and approachable as possible. There exist a multitude of insurance plans and the levels of coverage for implant treatment varies considerably. We are committed to helping you to obtain the maximum benefits entitled under your plan.

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