Distraction Osteogenesis

What does Distraction Osteogenesis Entail?

Distraction Osteogenesis represents an in office periodontal surgical procedure. A small incision is made in the area where treatment is required to separate the gum from the affected teeth and bone. Very precise cuts both vertically and horizontally are made in the jaw bone to free up a block of bone to enable it to be moved in a vertical direction. Given the precision required in this type of surgery, Dr. Novack employ’s peizosurgical instrumentation. Through this approach, our patients experience minimal if any discomfort following Distraction Osteogenesis procedures. A base plate is inserted into residual jaw bone to hold and stabilize a Distracter Rod that is then inserted. The gum is then carefully readapted back to its original position with sutures to facilitate rapid healing.

One week following initial surgery, the process of re-establishing your jaw and gum support back to their original level will begin.  On a daily basis, we will instruct you on how to activate the Distractor to gently raise the entire jaw bone and gum complex to a level coincident with your adjacent teeth.  This is necessary first step to create the foundation upon which dental implant(s) can then be placed.  The process of Distraction Osteogenisis is generally completed within 1-2 weeks.  There will then be a requirement during the following month for initial bone stabilization and repair. Typically implant placement surgery can commence immediately thereafter. At that time, the Distractor(s) will be removed and the implant(s) placed to return you back to the health, function and the aesthetics you enjoyed before your teeth and jaw bone were lost.

Potential Consequences of Tooth and Jawbone Loss

  • Problems affecting the remaining teeth include misalignment, drifting, continual eruption,  loosening and eventual loss
  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Reduced lip support
  • Wrinkling of the skin around the mouth
  • Distortion of the facial features
  • Jaw (tempromandibular) joint- TMJ pain, facial pain and headaches
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Compromised nutrition as a result of an inability to chew effectively and painlessly
  • Sinus expansion

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