Ridge Expansion

In cases where the jawbone ridge has severely reabsorbed, a bone graft is required to increase-reestablish ridge height and/or width. This technique is employed to restore the lost bone dimension when the jaw ridge is too thin to permit placement of dental implants or to fill in a depression in the jaw prior to the construction of a bridge.

In ridge expansion procedures, the jawbone ridge is literally expanded either by mechanical means or with a piezosurgical approach. What separates Dr. Novack’s office from many other specialty offices is the utilization of piezosurgery. As only bone is affected by piezosurgery, this instrumentation couples extreme precision with safety. More rapid healing and less pain are hallmarks of a piezosurgery approach. Following jaw expansion, bone graft material is placed both within and surrounding the space created to maximize the jawbone ridge. The goal is to restore your jaw to the state it existed in health.

There are clear advantages to using donor-allograft bone. On the other hand, specific instances remain where only one’s own bone (autograft) is appropriate to address the specific bone reconstructive needs. Should this prove the case, whenever possible Dr. Novack’s choice is to harvest the bone graft from inside the mouth, typically the chin or lower jaw wisdom tooth region. It is only in the most severe situations when greater quantity of bone is required, would bone be harvested elsewhere (extra-orally). Dr. Novack routinely utilizes healing elements from out patient’s own blood (platelets) to accelerate and promote new bone formation in the graft site. Please refer to our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Section which describes this procedure in more detail. Each situation is unique and it is best to discuss the specifics of your case directly to Dr. Novack. His promise to listen attentively to your stated goals, anxieties and concerns. Only thereafter can we collaboratively define the option(s) that are best for you.

Dr. Novack’s is focused on providing each patient with humanistic and comfortable care tailored to their needs. To this end, Dr. Novack feels strongly that the fewer surgeries patients undergo, the better their lives will be. To this end, wherever possible Dr. Novack will attempt to combine procedures to reduce the total number of surgeries, post operative convalescence, pain (morbidity), time off from work and cost while expediting completion of your care. Nevertheless, treatment must remain patient centric and humanistic. Once fully informed, it will be your choice whether to combine surgical procedures or to have each procedure performed separately.

You will be reassured to know that all of your care will be provided in our clinic in specially designed surgical suites. Dependant on your specific case requirements, anxiety or lack thereof, we are pleased to advise that Dr. Novack’s office is fully equipped to provide various levels of sedation tailored to each patient’s unique care requirements. Please refer to our Sedation Section which outlines various sedation options available to assist you. Should it be your desire, surgical treatment can be performed under the auspices of a dental anesthesia specialist who would administer IV sedation and monitor your vital signs to ensure absolute safety. Following any surgery, but especially when sedation is employed, bed rest is recommended for the day of surgery and limited physical activity over the following week.

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