In specific instances, it is possible to go from missing teeth to having functional and esthetically pleasing teeth in just one appointment. Should you desire a beautiful smile and don’t wish to wait 4-6 months, as is typical with conventional dental implants approaches, the option of TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ may be for you.

TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ represents an innovative approach that can provide patients with teeth, dental implant supported crowns, bridges or dentures in as little as an hour following surgical implant placement. This treatment protocol requires the close collaboration between the periodontist, restorative dentist and dental laboratory. This merging of knowledge and experience can provide an immediate treatment result through extremely precise implant placement. With TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™, the fabrication of the prosthesis is completed prior to surgery. Computer-guided implant surgery is employed to ensure that your implants are positioned three dimensionally (3D) in the pre-determined locations often without requiring surgical flap reflection. The benefits our patients receive include reduced surgeries, reduced postoperative discomfort and occasionally reduced treatment time. Typically, our patients can resume their normal activities within days following their surgery.

Dr. Novack precision are melded with computer guided surgical technology, the hallmarks of the TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ approach. Through close collaboration and a focus on the oral health goals you set, a beautifully restored smile could be yours in just one visit! Please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Through a collaborative consultation, we can determine the approach that is best for you.

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