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Dr. Philip A. Novack, Periodontics & Implantology North York OntarioFor our referring doctors, friends, and patients, we provide these newsletters filled with the latest periodontal health news and other personal health information. These newsletters can also be opened for viewing and also downloaded in convenient PDF format.

Can a Tooth Ache be Deadly
Who today would believe that left untreated, a serious tooth abscess could eventually kill!
Inspired to Make a Difference
Dr. Novack is chairing Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s longest running third party fundraiser.
7 Things your Mouth can Reveal about Periodontal Health
Everything from heart disease and hormonal imbalances to Nutritional Deficiencies.
Diabetes & Periodontal Disease
Diabetic patients are three to four times more likely to develop chronic periodontal infections.
Gum Disease Linked with Oral Cancer Causing Virus
Gum Disease Linked with Oral Cancer Causing Virus
Half of American’s Suffer from Gum Disease
One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease
Indications for Guided Implant Surgery
Dentistry as a profession has always been guided by a sense of artistry and innovative technology, but in the end, must be grounded by research supported science.
What’s Hiding in Your Toothbrush
What you don’t see may hurt you… Gross stuff hiding on your toothbrush
Vegetarian & Periodontal Health
Vegetarians have Better Periodontal Health
Tooth Regerantion thru Alligator Stem Cells
Alligator Stem Cell Study gives Clues to Tooth Regeneration
Oil Pulling PART 1
Oil Pulling: Does it really work?
Oil Pulling PART 2
A bizzaro take on Oil Pulling
Periodontal Mind & Body Connection
Connections between periodontal disease and chronic illnesses

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