Emergency Dental Care

If you recently underwent periodontal therapy or dental implant surgery and misplaced your Post-Operative Instruction Forms, for your convenience, simply scroll through our website to the relevant Post Operative Instruction Form(s). Be sure to follow the Post Operative Instruction Form specific to the procedure (s) you underwent. Please visit our Patient Info Patient Instruction menu tab, which contains all our office Pre and Post Operative Instruction Forms.

If you have any concerns or confusion with regards to Post Operative care, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Should you be experiencing extreme discomfort or any implication that healing is not progressing as anticipated, please contact Dr. Novack immediately. Even if you perceive your situation to be a minor issue, we will be glad to immediately arrange a post operative appointment to exam the surgical site and the state of your healing.

Office Phone: Dr. Philip A. Novack, Periodontics & Implantology Phone Number (416) 224-2114

Text Dr. Novack: (416) 230-4617

Dr. Novack‘s Email: [email protected]

Alternately you can call the Dental Emergency Service: (416) 485-7121

The best way to contact Dr. Novack after hours is by messaging him through text or personal email.

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