Supra Crestal Fibreotomy

Similar to a rubber band placed under increasing tension when stretched, when orthodontic forces are employed to move rotated teeth back into idealized positions within the dental arch, the ligaments holding the teeth are stretched. In order to establish a stable orthodontic treatment result in these cases requires the elimination of the stretch on the periodontal ligament fibres that support the teeth. Supra Crestal Fibreotomy involves the precise severing of the stretched periodontal ligament fibres that hold the teeth in position. Following Supra Crestal Fibreotomy, the periodontal ligament will then reattach to the teeth in the new position established through orthodontic treatment thereby eliminating any tensional-stretch forces. Dependant upon on the degree of tooth rotation required to be managed orthodontically, there are instances when it is be necessary for Supra Crestal Fibreotomy to be performed more than once to improve orthodontic control, efficiency, timeliness of completion of treatment and lasting case stability.

It is also important to advise that not all orthodontic cases require Supra Crestal Fibreotomy and that typically, only severely rotated teeth benefit therapy. Dr. Novack will consult on an ongoing basis with your orthodontist to define your specific care needs and the timing of therapy to enable you to achieve an improved and lasting orthodontic treatment result.

 What Does Supra Crestal Fibreotomy Entail?

 Supra Crestal Fibreotomy is a virtually pain free, predictable and a well tolerated procedure. Precise cuts (incisions) are made 360 degrees around the specifically defined rotated teeth to sever the gum fibres from the tooth root down to the crest of the jawbone. Dr. Novack performs Supra Crestal Fibreotomy with micro surgical instruments to facilitate unparalleled precision and improve patient comfort. Our Sedation Tab discusses various sedative options to help to reduce anxiety and establish a state of calm. In most instances following Supra Crestal Fibreotomy, patients are able to resume their daily activities be it returning back to work or school. As no sutures are required for this procedure, there is very little if any post operative discomfort. Through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Novack and your orthodontist, your teeth will remain stable in the locations your orthodontist defined. Supra Crestal Fibreotomy ensures you retain the improved function and a pleasing smile your orthodontist worked so hard to achieve.

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