Esthetic Crown Lengthening

What does Esthetic Crown Lengthening entail?

Esthetic Crown Lengthening involves the removal of excess gum and bone to uncover the natural shape and beauty of your teeth that had remained hidden. In collaboration with your restorative dentist, Dr. Novack takes precise measurements to define the optimal shape and contour for your teeth and gums to create the most esthetically pleasing and natural smile. Dr. Novack brings to each case years of experience and a passion for creating symmetry and beauty. Esthetic Crown Lengthening can be performed to address issues involving a single tooth, many teeth or your entire smile.

A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area and ensure you are pain free prior to surgery. Our patient’s health, safety and comfort remain paramount. Often patients request sedative medications to create a state of relaxation and calm. Please refer to our Sedation Tab which outlines various sedative options available to you. Dr. Novack’s policy is to ensure that treatment is performed in a caring and compassionate manner. Please feel free to discuss sedative options with Dr. Novack.

Only when Dr. Novack is satisfied that your teeth have sufficient exposure are sutures then placed to secure the new gum-to-tooth relationship. Although your teeth will look noticeably longer immediately following surgery, expect an improved and entirely natural proportion because the gums have been repositioned as nature intended. Dr. Novack takes great pride to ensure you receive an exceptional treatment result. You will be seen biweekly first to remove the sutures, evaluate your healing and thereafter to perform whatever remedial care is required so that your treatment results are optimal. The surgical site is generally fully healed within two months following the procedure. Dr. Novack will collaborate on an ongoing basis with your restorative dentist. Once your healing is complete, you will be referred back to your restorative dentist. Thereafter, dependent upon the specifics of your case, your restorative dentist may place veneers, crowns and or other restorations as required on your teeth.

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