Exposure of Unerupted (Impacted) Teeth

Certain orthodontic problems (malocclusion) are directly related to a failure of the teeth to erupt in a normal sequence. This can then cause the adjacent teeth to drift into the space that would otherwise have been occupied had the tooth erupted in an ideally programmed manner. In consultation with your orthodontist, Dr. Novack would carefully expose the unerupted (impacted) tooth. Periodontists, the plastic surgeons of the mouth, are the dental specialty with the most training in managing the delicate gum and bone tissues covering an unerupted-impacted tooth.

 Exposure of an Unerupted (Impacted) Tooth Procedure

The first step in the exposure of unerupeted (impacted) teeth involves defining the precise location of the unerupted-impacted tooth through careful measurements and appropriate X-rays. Dr. Novack employs a measured approach to minimize the incisions required to expose the unerupted tooth thereby reducing post operative discomfort and speeding patient recovery. Your surgery will be performed in a pain free manner. Dependant upon the specific location of the impacted tooth, there may be a requirement for gum and/or bone removal to expose the unerupted tooth. Especially when impacted teeth are located on the cheek side of the jaw, it is important that the overlying gum not be cut away, but instead repositioned beyond the then exposed tooth crown. Dr. Novack will then precisely suture the overlying gum into an optimum position. Attention to the long term health of your gums ensures that as the tooth is pulled down orthodontically into its idealized position in the dental arch, the necessary band of protective gum is maintained. This represents a critical element in managing the exposure of impacted teeth.

As a value added benefit, based upon instructions received from your orthodontist, Dr. Novack will bond orthodontic brackets that your orthodontist can then use to attach wires to bring the impacted tooth into an ideal position. Exposure of the impacted tooth, repositioning of the gum to ensure there exists a healthy band of gum, along with the attachment of orthodontic brackets will all be performed in one surgical appointment. On an ongoing basis, Dr. Novack will consult with your orthodontist to ensure that the treatment you require is orchestrated in a manner that results in fewest surgical procedures, least discomfort, rapid covalence, while ensuring you receive an optimum treatment result.  

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