Crown Lengthening

Periodontal therapy represents an integral element of restorative dentistry. By establishing a healthy foundation, successful and lasting restorative dentistry can thereafter be performed.

Functional Periodontal Crown Lengthening represents a routine periodontal surgical procedure that involves recontouring the gum and underlying bone surrounding one or more teeth to enable dental restorative treatment to be successfully performed. Functional Crown Lengthening is often required when a tooth (or teeth) is in need of a new crown or other restoration. This is particularly true in situations where trauma to a tooth caused a fracture to propagate down below the gum line. Access in such situations is difficult if not impossible for your restorative dentist. It is equally important that any future restoration not be placed too close to the bone supporting your teeth. The concept of Biologic Width has defined that a critical distance must exist between the end of any dental restoration and the bone surrounding and supporting the tooth. In instances where the Biologic Width has been violated (i.e. restorative margins placed too close to supporting bone), chronic inflammation will develop. Over time, gums can turn purple, bleed and become painful. Eventually, the effects of chronic inflammation can cause permanent destruction to the bone supporting the tooth. Above and beyond the Biologic Width health benefits of Functional Periodontal Crown Lengthening, by providing access to the dental fracture line, decay or edge of a restoration,your dentist will then be able to verify the proper fit of the new crown or other restoration. An additional benefit of Functional Crown Lengthening is the provision of sufficient tooth structure so that the new restoration does not come loose in future. Finally, when the margins of any restoration end at or slightly above the gum line, you are better able to keep the area clean through normal brushing and flossing thus reducing the potential for decay and gum disease in future. Saving your teeth while creating a healthy and cleansable environment represent the key benefits of Functional Periodontal Crown Lengthening.

What Does Functional Crown Lengthening entail?

Functional Crown Lengthening starts with a small incision to separate the gum from the affected teeth. Typically, even if only one tooth requires Functional Crown Lengthening, it is necessary to adjust the height of the gum and supporting bone on the adjacent teeth to establish a cleansable, stable and healthy result. Adequate space (Biologic Width) must be created between the planned restoration and the bone supporting your teeth. A precision surgical approach is required to remove only the bone necessary to enable your tooth to be successfully restored and in essence, saved. Once Dr. Novack is satisfied sufficient exposure has been achieved to your affected teeth, sutures are placed to secure the gum back to the tooth. Precision suturing ensures the gum is repositioned in close proximity to the new bone level to maintain the exposure of the fracture line or restorative margin. These steps combine to facilitate your dentist’s ability to restore your tooth.

Functional Crown Lengthening surgery represents a routine periodontal procedure that typically takes one and a half hours to complete. Your unique anatomy coupled with the number of teeth involved all impact on the surgical requirements specific to your case. Dr. Novack places your comfort and safety as a priority.

A local anesthetic will be used so you are pain free during any surgical procedure. Often our patients request sedation to establish and maintain a state of relaxation and calm. Please refer to our Sedation Tab which outlines various sedation options available to you. Dr. Novack’s goal is to ensure your treatment is performed in a caring and compassionate manner. Feel free to discuss sedative options and any questions with Dr. Novack.

Your teeth will look noticeably longer immediately after surgery because the gums have been repositioned below the fracture line or restorative margin, Outside of the Esthetic Zone, this is not a cause for concern. Dr. Novack takes pride to ensure that our patients receive an exceptional treatment result. You will be seen biweekly first to remove the sutures and thereafter, to evaluate your healing and perform whatever remedial care may be required so that your treatment result is optimal. The surgical site is generally fully healed within two months following the procedure. Dr. Novack will collaborate on an ongoing basis with the restorative dentist. Once healing is complete, you will be referred back to your restorative dentist who will be responsible for placing the crown and or other restoration as required onto your tooth.

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