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Past Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Novack’s for over 14 years. I was referred by my regular dentist and remember feeling quite apprehensive about what might be required to address my issue. That was the last time I felt apprehensive. From my first visit on, I felt reassured by Dr. Novack’s expertise. He respected and fully addressed my angst during the consultations and truly cared for me as an individual. The day after my procedure, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call at home (on a Saturday morning) inquiring about how I was feeling. I now know this to be a regular habit of his. I was happy to be able to tell Dr. Novack that I was experiencing only minimal discomfort! I enjoy Dr. Novack’s friendly manner, his practice of explaining options carefully and his enthusiasm for keeping current in his field. In a decade and a half, I was required to consult with Dr. Novack outside of office hours a few times and each time, he brought the same kind, respectful and extremely helpful attitude to our conversation. With regular visits and Dr. Novack’s timely and effective interventions, I have never experienced periodontal issues again.


Patricia B, Uxbridge, ON

Dear Phil. Many thanks for all your help and for being there for me at ‘any and all’ times.

Jonathan F.

Dear Dr. Novack. I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort that you have put forth t help me in my pursuit of dental healthy. Your words of encouragement have honestly meant so much. Once again thank you for everything.

Michelle F

Thank you very much for the very competent and professional dental care you have given me thus far. I only wish every else I dealt with was so professional. The post-surgery phone calls were much appreciated.

Stuart K.

Your care and concern during my three implant operations was very much appreciated. Sincere thanks.


Your understanding, level of service, your commitment and your wonderful staff have all made coming to the dentist, not uncomfortable!


Dear Phil,

Finally, after 5.5 years the work on my implants has been finalized!!!

I am ecstatic with the outcome. When I first visited you in 2000 most molars were missing and my gums were in terrible shape. I knew that “something” had to be done but I was not able to envision that the restorative work would generated such an incredible result.

On many occasions your work was highly compliment by other professionals here in the USA. It was always with extreme satisfaction that I talked of your work and I always experienced a sense of pride when your work was highly complimented.

Why am I so extremely pleased with the work you did? You always took the time in a relaxed manner to give me an overview of your analysis and indicated what you felt needed to be done. I NEVER, EVER questioned your judgment and I NEVER, EVER felt the need to get a second opinion. I had great confidence and trust in you. Your actions were decisive. I always felt that you knew EXACTLY what you were doing. Never any hesitation. It was also clear that you are a perfectionist in everything you do and I absolutely knew, without any hesitation that the work you do in my mouth would be absolutely perfect.

Your staff showed the same level of caring and positive attitude. Not only was it clear that you had been able to hire the people with the right attitude, but it was also clear that your thinking and your attitude had contagiously affected your staff in a very positive manner.

Phil, I have all my teeth and molars back in a fully functional matter and the cosmetics have improved incredibly. This is extremely important to my health and secondarily to my looks. You have played a critical role in this improvement and I am extremely grateful. I have recommended you to my many baby-boomer friends in Canada and will continue to do so.

Once again, I thank you and your staff for the incredible work you have done.


Jim VL

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