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Dr. Phillip NovackI would naturally encourage visitors to our website to review my CV and thus gain insight into my educational credentials along with my organized dental and charitable executive positions. I however feel as individuals we are much greater than the sum of our parts. We should be judged as much by what drives us versus merely what we have accomplished.

Education has always been and remains a central core value. I view the universe as infinite and a portion of everyday should be spent learning. This is how I perceive we grow as individuals. During my years in university, I came to realize that getting an A in a course reflected the amount of time committed to study. I thus recognized there must be other life goals. Throughout my time in university, I was actively involved in extracurricular activities, the Student Counsel Executive and the University Senate. I was guided by an innate desire to improve the lot of my fellow students along with the caliber and accessibility of higher education.

My personal and professional focus has been to look beyond a singular vision to encompass a holistic perspective that measurably improves the quality of life for my patients. This has been my guiding North Star. I have served in executive leadership roles on my local dental society, the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, the Ontario Dental Associations and provincial specialty organizations. My choice to become involved stemmed from an innate sense of responsibility to contribute to the standing of my profession coupled with a love of service.

Perhaps I am most proud of my involvement with the Holland Bloorview Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Over the past many years, I have served as Chair of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry Annual Golf Tournament in support of this incredible facility. We should all reflect on how privileged we truly are. One has only to ponder those young individuals who look to Holland Bloorview to provide life changing treatments and thus recognize that our day to day issues often pale in comparison. I truly feel that our lives are enriched by the degree that we contribute personally. Simply writing a cheque is not comparable to being personally involved!

Of late, I have been asked when will I slow down and the answer is hopefully never! A rolling stone gathers no moss and my desire is to continue to improve my service for my patients and the community at large. Periodontics has been and remains an incredible field. It has distinguished itself though numerous scientific advances that appear upon reflection to be almost magical in dramatically improving our patients’ quality of life. I feel privileged to be part of periodontics during this pivotal period marked by profound scientific advances.

During my years in practice, the ability to reconstruct disease ravaged jawbone, transplant gum to restore lost tooth support, insert artificial teeth (implants) while improving a patient’s smile and their body self image are just some of the myriad of treatments that have evolved and are now routine in my practice. I welcome each day’s challenges with enthusiasm. I begin each new patient interaction by carefully listening to their life story, oral health goals, financial and time concerns and of course, angst. Through this holistic approach, only thereafter do I devise a plan that appropriately reflects not merely a means to improve the patient’s oral health, but their well being. Each patient has my unwavering commitment to be the very best listener, a holistic patient centric practitioner with an unflinching commitment to technical excellence and all the while, remain a morally centric human being. Strong words and yet I feel these are the sentiments that define who I am and the mark that I must reach in caring for patients each and every day. I truly welcome the opportunity and privilege to care for you and your family.

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