Pre-operative Instructions

For your convenience, we have made all our office Pre and Post Operative Instruction and Information Forms available as PDF files that can be downloaded, reviewed and printed.

You are however advised to contact our office to ensure you are following the appropriate Pre and Post Operative regime specific to the therapy planned for your case.

Pre-Operative Surgical Instructions

The following instructions will be helpful in assisting preparation for your upcoming surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any last minute questions. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can be reached at Dr. Philip A. Novack, Periodontics & Implantology Phone Number (416) 224-2114 during regular business hours.

Upon scheduling your surgical appointment, you will receive a comprehensive package containing pre and post operative instructions, prescriptions and a prescription instruction sheet. Please ensure that all prescriptions are filled prior to your scheduled surgery. Remember to bring your filled prescriptions with you to your appointment.

Aspirin® and/or non-steroidal drugs (i.e. Motrin® and Advil®) do affect your blood’s ability to clot. It is important to stop taking these drugs ideally 10 days prior to your surgery. Should you be taking Coumadin® or other blood thinners, please advise Dr. Novack who will discuss a possible modification in your dosage to ensure your safety. Should antibiotics be deemed a requirement in your case, please remember to take them as directed before your surgery.

Our office is kept cool. For your comfort, you may wish to dress in layers with loose fitting clothing. Should you wish, feel free to bring an iPod or MP3 player with you to make your surgery pass more pleasantly.

To evaluate your healing progress and ensure an optimum treatment result, you will be seen regularly for post-operative check visits typically over the first 6 weeks following surgery. In most instances following surgery, once healing is complete you will be scheduled for Periodontal Supportive Maintenance Care. At these appointments, your response to surgery will be charted and specialized periodontal below the gum line root cleaning will be performed to ensure your continued gum-periodontal health. It has been established that Periodontal Supportive Maintenance Care represents a critical element, necessary to optimize a patient’s healing response following periodontal surgery.

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