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Does Periodontal Treatment Hurt?

No. Throughout Dr. Novack’s many years in clinical practice, strives to incorporate improvements in technique and employ the most advanced technology to minimize patient anxiety and pain.

Heated Air Water Syringes

Anyone who has visited the dental office at one time or another had their mouth sprayed with an air-water syringe to remove debris. Dr. Novack understands that in caring for a human being, there is a need for sensitivity awareness. Many of our periodontal patients have areas in their mouth where the roots of their teeth are exposed due to gum recession. It is common for our patients to be temperature sensitive especially to cold water that comes directly out of the tap here in Toronto. All air water syringes at Dr. Novack’s office are equipped with special heaters to maintain the water at a comfortable body temperature. Although it may appear incidental, it is this attention to detail that encompasses the myriad of ways that Dr. Novack has and continues to strive to reduce our patients’ anxiety and pain.

 Topical Anesthetic

There are times when a local anesthetic injection is an absolute requirement to enable periodontal treatment to be performed in an entirely pain free manner. All Dr. Novack’s injections are preceded by the application of topical anesthetic to the injection site. It is however not simply the placement of topical anesthetic, but taking the time to allow the topical anesthetic to sink in that ensures the area is numb. Dr. Novack’s philosophy places patient comfort as paramount. In orchestrating your care, appropriate time will be allocated to allow you to relax and enable the topical anesthetic to work to its maximum potential prior to administering the local anesthetic injection.

 The Wand®

Perhaps the greatest fear for most patients is the needle they receive at the dentist’s office. Dr. Novack strives to continually improve our patients’ experience when receiving local anesthetic injections. Our practice has removed the anxiety, fear, and pain from dental anesthetic injections. Simply put, the technology behind The Wand® makes for a more pleasant dental experience. The Wand® is an example of Dr. Novack’s efforts to incorporate the latest dental technology with the goal of ensuring our patients have a pleasant and positive experience. The Wand® is a computer controlled local anesthetic injection delivery system designed to eliminate pain and thus, the fear of injections. Firstly, The Wand® does not look like a conventional syringe. Its unique ergonomic design enables The Wand® to function better than a conventional syringe. The computer at the heart of The Wand® automatically adjusts to varying tissue densities. This ensures that local anesthetic is delivered at a precisely controlled pressure and flow rate typically below the threshold for pain.

The Wand® technology monitors anesthetic flow rate so that a drop of anesthetic is deposited ahead of the needle.  It has been shown that the primary source of discomfort from injections is not the needle itself, but the pressure developed when anesthetic enters into the tissues. The Wand® virtually eliminates this source of discomfort by delivering local anesthetic at an optimal flow rate dependent upon your unique tissue density for a relaxed and comfortable injection every time.

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