What is a Periodontist?

Periodontics represents one of nine internationally recognized dental specialties. A periodontist is a dental specialist with a minimum of three additional years of university training following dental school focused on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease along with the surgical placement and maintenance of dental implants. Periodontists can be classified as the plastic surgeons of the mouth and are accepted as experts in the treatment of all forms of gum-periodontal disease including gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum (gingival) recession.

The specialty of periodontics is committed to an evidence based approach to better understand the biologic basis of health and disease. Only with a scientific grounding can we quantify the benefits versus the risks of surgical treatment. The insight gained through such an analytical approach enable periodontists to see beyond the technique, the “how” to gain an understanding of the “why.” To some, periodontal treatment can be distilled into light at a specific wave length, the prescribing of a drug or simply drilling a hole in bone to place an implant while forgetting about the teeth. To them, the world is flat and finite with clear limits based on a lack of critical knowledge. To be a specialist is not about simply mastering techniques. A specialty is committed to research and science that provide insights to effectively chart a course of therapy unique for each patient. Knowledge must be applied that is tried and true.  All the while, we must continue to strive to expand our existing scientific understanding in the quest to best assist and improve our patients’ well being. The field of Periodontology is grounded on this unwavering commitment to patient care and treatment excellence. Periodontists take great pride in the many ground breaking discoveries and innovations they have made in the fields of tissue regeneration, systemic inflammatory control and surgical implant therapy.

By choosing a periodontal specialist, you will benefit from a comprehensive oral, dental, jaw-bite and periodontal assessment from an individual with advanced training and a passion for this specialized field of dentistry. Dr. Novack’s experience and training enable him to define a treatment approach tailored to meet your unique oral health issues. Precision surgical placement of dental implants represents an integral component of periodontics. Dr. Novack has a passion for cosmetic periodontal and regenerative procedures. He brings to each case, years of experience and training, tailored to your individual needs to create the smile you always dreamed of.

To sum up, periodontists possess a knowledge base and skill set that transcends technique. Dr. Novack is committed to providing each and every patient with excellence in the execution of their care and service that is focused on health, wellbeing and sensitivity to each patient’s needs. It is this unwavering commitment, genuine sense of respect, caring and multi-disciplinary collaboration that represent the hallmarks of Dr. Novack’s practice.

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