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Gum-periodontal treatment has traditionally involved eliminating the gum pockets where infection resides, trimming away any diseased gum tissue, and thereafter, re-contouring craters in the jaw bone where the infection has spread. The gum tissue is then replaced closer to the jaw bone to create shallow pockets which are easier to keep clean through personal and professional care.

Although conventional periodontal surgery still represents the most predictable and effective means of treating gum-periodontal disease, sophisticated new regenerative techniques have resulted in a paradigm shift in the treatment of periodontal disease. One of these advancements is guided tissue-bone regeneration. This procedure has the power to stabilize endangered teeth by repairing and re-growing jaw bones that had been destroyed due to disease.

Alternatively, guided tissue regeneration is employed to re-grow bone thereby enabling dental implants to be placed. As one of the leaders in periodontal therapy, Dr. Novack was the first periodontist in Canada to undergo training in guided tissue regeneration.

As periodontal disease progresses, craters develop in the degenerated jaw bone. Within these craters, disease-causing bacteria reside and spread infection. To treat these craters in the bone, Dr. Novack may recommend guided tissue regeneration. During this surgical procedure, the craters are first meticulously cleaned. Thereafter, a specialized regenerative membrane is precisely adapted and secured over the craters in the jaw bone. Certain membranes are bio-absorbable while others are non-resorbable and require removal.

The choice of the membrane is defined by the unique topography of your jawbone and the specific goals of your planned surgery. The regenerative membrane is placed to cover the bone defect and exclude fast-growing cell types (epithelial and connective tissues) thus enabling slower-growing bone cells to fill and regenerate the defect.

The effectiveness of guided tissue regeneration in large measure depends on a patient’s willingness to follow a strict postoperative regime that includes no smoking, adhering to a nutritionally sound diet and performing diligent personal oral care. Through careful analysis, Dr. Novack will help determine if guided bone regeneration is right for you.

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