IV Sedation

For extremely anxious patients or when extensive or lengthy treatment has been planned, arrangements can be made for intravenous (IV) or deeper levels of sedation. Despite Dr. Novack’s advanced training in IV sedation, when deeper levels of sedation are desired, there is a commensurate increase in monitoring and responsibility. To ensure your safety, a dental anesthesiology specialist will continually monitor your vital signs and sedation levels. Our desire is that you to have a calm, comfortable, and positive experience. Every precaution and a strict adherence to safety protocols will be followed to ensure your absolute safety.  

Benefits of intravenous sedation include:

  • The establishment and maintenance of a state of calm
  • The amnestic effects of sedation mean you will likely not fully remember your surgical experience.
  • The ability to deliver anti-inflammatory medication intravenously to reduce post-operative swelling
  • The ability to deliver antibiotic medication intravenously to decrease the potential for post-operative infection.
  • The ability to care for the medically compromised patient due to the presence of a dental anesthesiology specialist trained to deliver emergency medication as required.

Does Sedation Always Work?

No. Our office only employs techniques that are very safe.  Sedative drugs are selected at our clinic with fewest side effects and widest margin of safety, not degree of potency. Your tolerance to periodontal and implant surgical procedures and response to sedation will be our guide on how to best treat you in the most caring, compassionate and safe manner.

Side Effects

The response to any drug is patient specific.  Typical side effects tend to be minor, but may include feeling sleepy, disoriented or experiencing minor nausea.

Dr. Novack and our entire staff are committed to providing the highest level of service, safety, attentiveness and caring throughout the entire surgical and post operative phases of your treatment.

Who Will Be Providing & Monitoring Your Sedation

Dr. Novack as part of his University of Southern California Periodontal Specialty Program received advanced training in all levels of dental sedation including IV anaesthesia under the auspices of Dr. Stanley Malamed, a luminary in the field of dental anesthesia. In addition to Dr. Novack’s extensive graduate specialty training in sedation and IV anaesthesia, he has continued to upgrade his skills in anesthesia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), along with our office’s patient monitoring technology. Finally, Dr. Novack remains a member of the Ontario Conscious Sedation Study Club.

Pulse oxmetry devices are located in each of our treatment rooms that monitor the oxygen saturation in your blood, heart rate and blood pressure throughout your appointment.

During more extensive surgeries, Dr. Novack is assisted by a highly trained dental anesthesia specialist who will deliver and continuously monitor your sedation levels and vital signs. Monitoring begins pre-operatively and continues post-operatively until you are awake, medically stable and able to be safely discharged. We are committed to delivering your treatment in a caring, empathetic, and calming environment that ensures your entire experience at our office remains a safe, comfortable and positive one.

Let Us Give You A Peaceful And Relaxing Dental Experience

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