What Occurs During Preventative Maintenance Therapy?

  • Evaluate the health of your gums and check for any signs of the disease returning.
  • Monitor your periodontal status by performing a comprehensive periodontal examination, including pocket depth measurements.
  • Record precise measurements on a regular basis on specialized forms. This measured approach provides information critical in detecting subtle changes before they become serious problems.
  • Advise you when additional active treatments may be necessary
  • Remove harmful deposits (plaque, calculus) from the tooth surface above and most importantly, below the gum line
  • Evaluate your personal oral hygiene-plaque control and offer suggestions to improve your effectiveness
  • Apply and prescribe medications as necessary especially to reduce thermal (hot and cold) sensitivity
  • Evaluate and as necessary adjust your bite guard (should you have one)
  • Perform an oral cancer examination
  • Update your x-rays as necessary to monitor your case stability
  • Review your medical history
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