Natural Resistance of Susceptibility

Most people have a varying resistance to periodontal disease at different times in their lives. An individual’s resistance may be normal for years and then, their resistance may diminish. No matter what your susceptibility or resistance, appropriate PERIODONTAL SUPPORTIVE MAINTENANCE care will slow down and often arrest periodontal disease. Our goal is to help you attain and thereafter maintain the highest level of dental health possible.

Do I have Cavities?

Your PERIODONTAL SUPPORTIVE MAINTENANCE appointments are not meant to take the place of your regular check-ups at your General Dentist’s office. While we will advise to you any obvious cavities and/or restorative issues, your dentist is primarily responsible for evaluating your teeth and restorative care needs.

Coordinating Dental Appointments

We suggest you avoid delaying regular dental visits or PERIODONTAL SUPPORTIVE MAINTENANCE care because you are having other dental work performed. In most cases, appointments at our office and your dentist won’t interfere with each other. We will however endeavor to co-ordinate our treatment with your dentist. Following completion of your surgical care, we typically recommend alternating treatment appointments between our office and your dentist.

The purpose for PERIODONTAL SUPPORTIVE MAINTENANCE care provided at our office is to concentrate on the health of your gums and the bone that supports your teeth. Routine cleanings versus PERIODONTAL SUPPORTIVE MAINTENANCE care are not the same.

Are You Seeking Periodontal Treatment?

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